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Ideas File...

Children love creative play, so new games and activities, either indoor or out, will always be met with enthusiasm. So whether its raining or shining our ideas file contains a multitude of activities for you and your kids to enjoy. Just click on one of the links on the left.


Involve them in your world.!

Working and playing together can enable you to get chores done whilst entertaining your child.



Making Ice Cream

This activity is perfect for hot summer days and children will love getting involved and making their own ice cream...



It's fun and easy to be healthy!

For the latest information on healthy living...



Mini fruit pizzas

Recipe for kids...



Cheese and Bean Rosti

This is a simple dish that kids will really enjoy making, with a little help from an adult...



Mini Beef Meatballs

Cooking can be a great way to teach kids about weights and measures. Try these meatballs for an educational and tasty meal...



Pecan nut and maple syrup ice-cream

Cool down during the heat wave this weekend with some delicious pecan nut and maple syrup ice-cream...


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